Friday, August 15, 2008


Izzie, Maddie, Lila and Zella

Lila, Zella, Izzie and Maddie

(l,r) Izzie, Lila, Zella and Maddie

Oh what a day it has been!!! The girls having been super demanding today. Nothing makes them happy for more than 5 minutes and to top it off they've hardly had any naps. They just are fighting sleep lately, which is pecking away at my sanity. We've spent the day (when not holding babies) cleaning. I've cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and John vacuumed the whole downstairs. The house looks all sparkly. I also made acorn squash puree for the girls to try out in the next few days. Right now, they are on yogurt. For lunch they had apples, oatmeal and yogurt all mixed together. They really loved it. Chris came over during their second "nap" time to help me finish installing the handles on my kitchen cabinets. They look terrific! Actually, he did most of the work, but I did help some.

Tonight our friends Ashley and Dustin are coming over with Zella and Lila. I hope the girls aren't over tired for tonight. John and Dustin plan on having "guys night out." They are going to go watch Clone Wars at the theater. Meanwhile, Ashley and I are going to play with the four babies and probably order a pizza.

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