Thursday, August 21, 2008

Margo's here

Margaret helping me make baby food

Pureed cantaloupe, peas and greenbeans

Izzie "teething" on the changing table!

Maddie, Izzie and I picked Margo up from the Dart station yesterday afternoon. It ended up being an adventure. I planned it out all wrong. I was supposed to pick Margo up at around 1:00 pm. Well the girls started getting fussy around 11:30, so I decided we'd leave and go to the grocery store to pick up a few items I needed. I brought a cooler in the car so I could put the cold stuff in it so it wouldn't go bad while waiting for Margo. Well, the grocery store didn't take as long as I thought and I wasn't paying attention too closely to the time. I got the girls loaded in the car and saw it was only 12:30. I called Margo to see how her ride was going and she said it would be more like 1:15. Yikes. We didn't have enough time to go home, so I took the girls to Target. We walked up and down the isles a bit until it was closer to 1:00. We got loaded back in the car and went to the dart station. Got there at 1:10. Margo calls and says it's running late. She didn't arrive until 1:30. Which wouldn't have been a big deal, except now the girls have been in the car for 2 hours. They were DONE. So poor Margo had to listen to crying babies all the way home. After all of that stimulation they were overtired but I couldn't get them to go down for a nap. It was a pretty long evening, but we still managed to make a good dinner; have a good visit and have time to chill.

Today has been much more relaxed. The girls have been terrific. Margo helped me make some baby food this morning. She wanted to know what was involved. The girls are napping, we've been visiting. John's almost home from work.

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