Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mangos in the eyebrow, peas in the ear

Maddie and Izzie eating Peas and Mangos. Notice how Izzie likes to kick back and relax while eating.

We tried Mango for the first time today and it was an instant hit. Both of the girls really liked the pureed mango. I served it up with a side of peas. Izzie decided to wear her lunch today. Usually, the girls aren't that messy of eaters; but I fed them right before nap time and Izzie was tired. She kept rubbing her eyes and got peas and mango everywhere! I thought I wiped her down pretty well, but she just woke up from her nap and has dried mango in her eyebrows and peas in her ears.

We are having impromptu date night tonight. John and I planned on taking the girls out to eat tonight. We've only done that as a family two other times. But mom called and said she'd watch the girls while we went to eat. So, John and I are having a very simple impromptu date night. I've been craving Mexican food. So, I'm sure the girls will have fun with Nana and Popo while we slip out to eat.

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