Sunday, August 3, 2008

Maddie and the broccoli

Last night we went over to John's aunt and uncles house to visit. Jim and Judy's new grandson, Zach, was in town from Houston. He is about 4 months old. There were four babies in the house. Maddie, Izzie, Sabrina and Zach! Before dinner, we were all hanging out, visiting and eating munchies that Judy had out. Grandpa was holding Maddie on the counter in front of the veggie tray. She was studying everyone eating and then decided she wanted in on the action. She reached over, grabbed a piece of broccoli and jammed it in her mouth. She made a funny face but then kept on eating it. She was just knawing away at it. It was very funny. Of course, Sammy saw her and then he had to eat his broccoli too!

Maddie trying raw broccoli for the first time.

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