Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lunch out

This afternoon I went to lunch with my friend Ashley. She also has identical twin girls. It was the first time since we were pregnant that we got to have a conversation with no babies. We've seen each other a few times at our PAMOM meetings, but there is always so much going on that we don't get a good visit in there either. We went to Friday's while the hubby's had a day with their daughters. John said that the girls were pretty good for him and he got to feed them lunch. Maddie went crazy for her apples today, but neither girl wanted their rice. Those grains are tricky. One day they like them, the next day, not so much. Anyway, Ashley and I had a great visit. We ended up going to Kohl's after lunch too. I bought a cute plaque that says, "My prince has come and his name is Daddy." It was so cute I couldn't resist. Ashley bought the same one for her girl's room.

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