Monday, August 25, 2008

I love Lucy

My van is cool. I mean, really really cool. It's a breeze to drive. I was worried. I hate driving John's truck, so I was worried about the van. I did used to own a SUV, so I was hoping it was more like that than John's truck. It is. In no time at all I felt like I've always been driving a van. I love all the media features. I'm still trying to figure out how to program all the radio buttons. We also have satalite radio for a year. We have two tv's in the van and it comes with satalite tv for a year also. We won't be using those for a while though. Anyway, I've decided to name my van Lucy. It's a maroon van, so the family wanted me to name it Aggie. But that is just way too obvious. Plus, it is my 3rd maroon vechicle. My first was a VW Jetta, then I had an Izuzu Trooper. My Mazda 6 was dark grey, and back to maroon with this minivan. I can't remember what the Jetta's name was. It was a hand-me down from Mom, so she named it. I named the Trooper, but ended up always calling it Trooper. The Mazda 6 is named Charlie Zoom Zoom. And now I have Lucy. I love Lucy.

First time in our new ride. Not the best picture, I'll have to try to take another one. You can't really tell they are in the van!

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