Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hidden chicken

Izzie & Maddie

The girls just woke up from their morning nap and I fed them lunch. For lunch today I hid the girls chicken in the sweet potatoes. I really don't think they mind the taste of the chicken, more of the texture the homemade chicken has. But when you blend it with something else it smooths out a bit more. They ate it right up without a hitch. Now, they are playing and talking to each other in their highchairs. They will sit in them contendly after lunch for 10-15 minutes usually. A lot of times I use that time to straighten up the kitchen or empty the dishwasher.

This morning they were a bit fussy. I think after all the attention they received from Rhonda yesterday, they were sad she wasn't here. I wanted to skip my morning walk with them, but they weren't having any of that. As soon as I gave in and put them in the stroller they were happy campers. I wonder how the winter is going to go? I hate cold weather. I don't particularly love 100 degree weather either, but somehow I handle it better than sub-zero. (Okay, it doesn't get sub-zero in Dallas, but it feels like it to me!) At least they motivate me to exercise each and every day!

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