Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday cousin Sammy!

August is filled with birthday's in our family and today is Sammy's 4 th birthday! Sometimes it seems like he's much older, but nope, he's a true four year old! Yesterday at his birthday party he got his very first bicycle. I bought him some toy food for his kitchen. That seemed to be a pretty big hit, he kept going back to it. He got a lot of trucks and cars. All right up a 4 year old boy's ally. He got some clothes which he promptly threw on the floor. He liked the truck on one of the t-shirts, but since it didn't have any moving parts, he was on to the next present. One of the most fun things was this was his first time to really "get" opening presents. He knew those were his and he knew how to open them. It was fun watching him tear into the wrapping paper.

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