Saturday, August 23, 2008

Growth spurt

I think the girls have hit another growth spurt. Both of them wanted to nurse in the middle of the night last night. All I've got to say is I'm SO glad I stuck out breastfeeding in those early months or nights like last night would have been that much harder. They've been sleeping through the night for so long now, I wouldn't have had a bottle prepared and waiting for them if I had been formula feeding. Instead, I was able to nurse them quickly, quietly and they went back to sleep. Too bad I couldn't say the same for myself. I laid in bed for an hour trying to get back to sleep. Finally I turned on my bedside light and read myself to sleep for 30 minutes. How frustrating when every moment of sleep counts. But, I do have an excuse. I'm excited this morning. John's parents found another great deal on a mini-van. John and I looked it over on the internet and it seems perfect. He's going this morning to look at it and possibly buy it. So, I was thinking about it last night.

Yesterday was a fun day. Margo, the girls and I all went over to my mom's house to "hang" and swim. Mom bought them a new toy to keep at her house for when they visit and both of the girls really liked it. It's this spinny thing, that when they bop it it sings and talks. I dove off the diving board when we went swimming. I dove straight in without testing the water first. It's chilly after all the rain we've been having. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to e-a-s-e into the water. So, it was quite a big deal that I just dove in. I think the Olympics had something to do with it. We've been watching all the diving competitions and they make it look so fun and easy! I even tried to do a flip off the board, but it ended up more of a flop. We went swimming while the girls were napping because the water was too cold for them. Margo has been so awesome with the girls. They really like being around her and she's very very patient and likes to cuddle with them. She flies back to San Antonio today. I'm going to miss her, but it's been a very fun time. It's nice to be able to spend hours visiting instead of 20 minutes here and there.

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