Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finger foods

Maddie with her wagon wheel.

Izzie and Maddie eating pears.


Maddie. She always looks like it tastes so bad, but then goes for more!

I gave Maddie and Izzie their first finger food on Sunday. It was a Gerber Apple Flavored Wagon Wheel. I started with this since it has been tested on other babies and is considered a "safe" first finger food. As a new mom I was a bit nervous giving them something that could potentially choke them, but I do realize they probably won't want to eat purees for the rest of their lives. Izzie ate hers so fast I didn't even have time to get the camera out. She really got the point of it and went to town! Maddie was a bit slower, but once she figured out it tasted good she was all in.

Today I got even braver and tried diced pears. The pear was very soft and easily "gummed." I coated it in cheerio dust (I read that it makes them less slimy and easier to pick up) and put a few pieces on their tray. Both girls did terrific!

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