Monday, August 18, 2008

Big girl highchairs



Maddie, Momma and Izzie.

Today has been a drizzly gloomy day. My house is clean waiting for company to arrive. Molly is staying with us tonight, and then Margo is coming to visit for a few days at the end of the week! I used to babysit for Molly's daughter Betty who is starting college this year. They came up to Dallas to get Betty settled in her dorm room. Molly would have stayed with Mom, but Mom is working on getting her upstairs air conditioner repaired. That's okay, our guest room is ready for company.

So Mom and I decided to brave the weather and get out for a bit this afternoon. She pulled up in the garage and we loaded up the girls. Then when we got to the restaurant, we decided to be brave and try the highchairs. The girls have been sitting up pretty good for a couple of weeks and I figured they could handle it. We went to San Fransisco Oven a casual sandwich place. They did great! Maddie was looking around at everyone and she started squealing with delight. It was actually pretty loud! Izzie just kept eying my mom's Garlic Roasted Tomato soup. She was sitting at the table and she decided it was her right to have a taste. The look on her face was just too cute. So I finally told mom she could let Izzie taste it. Oh my goodness, the girl LOVED it. She kept saying, "um um um. num num num." I think mom gave her half the bowl. (Not really....) It was cute though. Who would have thought an almost 8 mo old would love Roasted Garlic Tomato soup???

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