Sunday, August 31, 2008

At-home date night

Maddie enjoying her cherry-mango yogurt.

Izzie with her cherry-mango yogurt face.

The last time I went to the grocery store, I bought steaks. I rarely buy steaks, I like to save them for a special treat. Well, John got an extra bonus this month at work so we decided to celebrate. Instead of trying to eat the steaks while holding fussy babies, our plan is to put them down tonight and then have a late dinner. It'll be really late for us, since we've started eating at 5:30-6 with the girls! It's our "at-home date night!" John has tomorrow off and we rented The Bucket List from Netflix. Of course, we may not have time for a movie. Our bedtime is 9:30p. Sometimes we are reckless and stay up until 10. If we don't go to bed at that time, we just don't have the energy to cope the next day. We've had offers for people to babysit so we can have a late night out. We'd love to take them up on it, but then they'd have to babysit the next day too so we can sleep in! I'm not too worried. I wouldn't trade a moment of this sleepless year. Every single day I look at my girls and think that I'm the luckiest Momma out there.


Seren Dippity said...

I want some cherry-mango KISSES!


TXtwins said...

Sorry, I stole all the cherry-mango kisses!