Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8 Months Old

My little munchkins are 8 months old today! I remember sitting in my first PAMOM meeting after I had the girls. I think they were about 2 months old. Another lady was there and her twins were 8 months old. She looked like she had it together! Us newbies were asking questions and she was answering them all. Now, I'm the one with 8 month old twins answering questions for the moms that just delievered! Of course now, I'm in awe of the mom's that made it past a year...

At 8 months old:
  • Maddie and Izzie both have starting signing "Milk." They don't know how to ask for milk yet, they just sign it while they are nursing. They have also started signing it while they are eating solids. Although, I am teaching them a different sign for "eating."
  • They both are sitting up very well and have made it through two meals sitting up in a restaurant high chair!
  • They have started to give little hugs around the neck.
  • They are recognizing faces.
  • They like to "talk" to each other. Sometimes they have a "conversation" that lasts for 15 minutes while sitting in their high chairs. They look at each other and take turns babbling.
  • They roll to where they want to get. They are starting to show an interest in crawling, but prefer to roll across the room
  • They like to play on their tummies
  • They like drop things for Mommy & Daddy to pick up
  • They've started jumping like crazy in the jumperoo
  • Izzie's favorite song is "Itsy bitsy spider"
  • Maddie's favorite song is "The ABC's" but only if you sign them while singing them.

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