Friday, August 8, 2008


Yay! The Olympics start tonight. They are airing on NBC at 08-08-08 at 8:00. I love the Olympics and the summer ones are my favorite. I really enjoy watching the gymnists.

I went to lunch with Mom, Chris and the girls again today. Afterwards we stopped by Carters where Nana & Popo bought the girls some adorable purple outfits. We didn't plan on picking out all purple, but somehow that is what we ended up with! I plan on taking their 8 month pictures in one of the dresses she picked out. It came with a cute little cardigan that we got a size bigger for the fall.

A very happy thing has happened in our house today. The girls put themselves to sleep without any fussing or crying. Here's what happened: They went down for their second nap at about 2:15. At 2:45 they both woke up. I've been calling it the thirty minute curse. They have been waking up after 30 minute naps a lot lately. Sometimes you can get them back down, but sometimes not. This time they went back down (with some pats on the bum to soothe them back to sleep). Then about 30 min later they both woke up again. We heard them "talking" upstairs over the monitor. They weren't fussy or anything so we decided to just see what happened. They both fell back asleep! Now it's 4:30 and they are waking up. What a good nap we've had today!!!

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