Wednesday, July 16, 2008


John is back at work today. He spent Monday and Tuesday trying to recover from his wisdom teeth surgery. He was feeling pretty good yesterday morning, but I'm afraid he did too much and then crashed in the afternoon. He says he's feeling okay this morning though.

The girls have decided that they don't like the schedule we've been following the past couple of weeks. As soon as you get a system down that you think works, they change it and it usually takes a few days to figure out a new system. This morning they slept all the way until 7:30am with no nighttime feedings. I liked that a lot. Although I have been feeding them at 6 and then putting them back down until 9. So already I knew the day was going to be longer! We went on an hour long walk around the neighborhood. By the time we got home, all three of us were sweaty. I nursed them again because I wanted to make sure to replenish fluids that we lost sweating. They slept the last 10min of the walk so my plan was to feed 'em and put them down for a morning nap. They apparently were happy with their 10 min catnap and were not going to go to sleep. Fine, so I brought them downstairs where they played for another hour as happy as can be! They were ready for a nap at 11. Now, it's 12:30, they are still sleeping. I'm going to let them go as long as they want. I prefer one long nap to the two shorter ones we were doing, so hopefully that is what I'll get today!

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