Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures from Texas A&M University

Maddie and Izzie enjoying their first picnic at Texas A&M University. Apples and Millet were on the menu. Yummy. Mom and Dad had Subway Sandwiches!

The Flag room at A&M. A great place to relax or study between classes.

Sibisa the cafeteria and the water tower. When I was a student the water town was painted "sky blue" it was supposed to blend in with the sky, instead it stuck out like a sore thumb, the new colors are much better.

It's tradition to propose to your girl under the Century Tree at A&M. John didn't propose to me here, but I did get a kiss or two!

The Century Tree is HUGE!

The Academic Building.

Here I am sitting at Fish Pond with Maddie and Izzie. After football games, older classmen tend to dunk the "Fish" (freshmen) in the pond.

The fountain in front of the MSC. John is with the girls.

I spent many many many hours here at Langford. I just had to show the girls the Architecture building!

You always put a penny on Sull Ross's boots before a test if you want to get a good grade. I never did learn where the pennies go.

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