Saturday, July 19, 2008

Out and about

Today was a mostly go with the flow, nothing special sort of day. I did meet my fellow Woodbridge Newsletter staff for lunch. I can't believe that the four of us have been running the paper for over two years now. It really does look like it is coming to an end. We've been struggling with finding enough writers for the past um... (okay, for EVERY issue!) Now, the Home Owners Association fired Trish our Chair for being in the community pool after hours. They said it isn't becoming of a community representative. No one wants to take over the chair position. So, for the time being anyway, we are going to lay the paper to rest. Hopefully there will be more interest and it can start again one day. We are going to put out one last paper as our farewell.

Woodbridge Newsletter Staff: Janet Doleh- star reporter, Trish McGilvery - Chairperson, Amanda Dittlinger - Layout Editor & Nicole Tucker - Advertising and reporting.

Other than my lunch, I took the girls out shopping after naptime. We went to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and Hanncock Fabrics. They are all in a row in the same shopping center so we didn't have to get in and out of the car 3 times. They were excellent although, Izzie is tired of the snap and go stroller. It's the one the carseats fit into. She doesn't want to be reclined anymore. She wants to sit up so she can see.


Maddie trying on sunglasses at Hobby Lobby.

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