Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy girls

What an excellent day it has been today. The girls slept in a bit, which allowed me to sleep in a bit. I didn't even know I really needed that, but it was SO nice to look over at the clock and read 8:00am. That by no means, meant that they slept through the night. They woke up around 5am to nurse but they went right back down to sleep so I didn't mind.

The morning was very pleasant. I stopped by Stephanie's house this morning on my walk because her garage door was open. I normally wouldn't knock on a door at 9am, but I figured with her own set of twins and a 3 year old she was up. She continued on a short walk with me. I never feel like I get enough visiting in with her.

After the girls morning nap, we went to Chili's with mom. I brought avocado-banana mash to feed them in the restaurant. It was yummy (according to them). When I got home, we played for about 30 minutes before the afternoon nap. So, nothing too exciting went on, but it was just generally a good day, with happy girls.

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