Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby connoisseurs

Well, we've determined our girls like to eat. So far they've pretty much loved everything they've tried. If I had to guess, I'd say that sweet potatoes are their favorite. But they go pretty crazy for peas too. Their least favorite are the grains (rice, millet and oatmeal is what we've tried so far.) I think it's mostly a texture thing. Since I'm making my own baby food, sometimes the texture isn't consistent. Maddie seems to like her food still in the very pureed stage.

Yesterday, I made green beans for them to eat today. Personally, I only like canned green beans that are heavily flavored (garlic, cajun seasoning, salt & pepper.) I don't like fresh green beans unless they are cooked southern style (that means, cooked until they are cooked to death.) Anyway, I made the girls some fresh (frozen) green beans with no salt or pepper or any other seasoning like I was supposed to. Well, I've been tasting all the food I make as I go along. And while it's not the best, it hasn't been all that bad either. I could even tolerate the peas. The green beans on the other hand were absolutely disgusting. They smelled icky, they tasted even worse. I was sure I couldn't give these horrid things to my precious little ones! So I put in some olive oil which is highly recommended for babies as a great fat to use. Didn't help. So I did something that sounded absolutley counter-intutive. I added half of a banana to the mix. Slowly I opened my mouth, and sure enough, it did the trick. Now, I would not sit down to a bowl of green beans and bananas, don't get me wrong. But it did mask the icky factor. The girls had their greenbeans for dinner tonight and I had to scrape the bowl down. They LOVED them. Next time, maybe I'll leave out the banana and see how it goes!

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