Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby connoisseurs

Well, we've determined our girls like to eat. So far they've pretty much loved everything they've tried. If I had to guess, I'd say that sweet potatoes are their favorite. But they go pretty crazy for peas too. Their least favorite are the grains (rice, millet and oatmeal is what we've tried so far.) I think it's mostly a texture thing. Since I'm making my own baby food, sometimes the texture isn't consistent. Maddie seems to like her food still in the very pureed stage.

Yesterday, I made green beans for them to eat today. Personally, I only like canned green beans that are heavily flavored (garlic, cajun seasoning, salt & pepper.) I don't like fresh green beans unless they are cooked southern style (that means, cooked until they are cooked to death.) Anyway, I made the girls some fresh (frozen) green beans with no salt or pepper or any other seasoning like I was supposed to. Well, I've been tasting all the food I make as I go along. And while it's not the best, it hasn't been all that bad either. I could even tolerate the peas. The green beans on the other hand were absolutely disgusting. They smelled icky, they tasted even worse. I was sure I couldn't give these horrid things to my precious little ones! So I put in some olive oil which is highly recommended for babies as a great fat to use. Didn't help. So I did something that sounded absolutley counter-intutive. I added half of a banana to the mix. Slowly I opened my mouth, and sure enough, it did the trick. Now, I would not sit down to a bowl of green beans and bananas, don't get me wrong. But it did mask the icky factor. The girls had their greenbeans for dinner tonight and I had to scrape the bowl down. They LOVED them. Next time, maybe I'll leave out the banana and see how it goes!

Jump Jump

Maddie had found her jumping groove. The last few days when we've put the girls in the Jumperina, they've hopped a time or two. Today, Maddie is a jumpin' girl! She's jumping like mad. How cute!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures of our Nursery

Maddie and Izzie in their very own cribs.




The other day in College Station when we were eating lunch with Jamie and Nicholas, we thought we saw Izzie signing "MILK." I've been doing baby signs with the girls. I started doing milk on and off since they were born. At 6 months I started adding in More, Eat, All Done, Sister, Doggy, Kitty. The books say the earliest to expect your baby to sign back is at 10 months. So, even though it really looked like she was signing milk, we figured it was a coincidence. Well today, while I was nursing the girls, Izzie signed milk the whole time she was eating. Maybe it's another coincidence, I don't know, but it sure looks like she might have caught on fast.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy girls

What an excellent day it has been today. The girls slept in a bit, which allowed me to sleep in a bit. I didn't even know I really needed that, but it was SO nice to look over at the clock and read 8:00am. That by no means, meant that they slept through the night. They woke up around 5am to nurse but they went right back down to sleep so I didn't mind.

The morning was very pleasant. I stopped by Stephanie's house this morning on my walk because her garage door was open. I normally wouldn't knock on a door at 9am, but I figured with her own set of twins and a 3 year old she was up. She continued on a short walk with me. I never feel like I get enough visiting in with her.

After the girls morning nap, we went to Chili's with mom. I brought avocado-banana mash to feed them in the restaurant. It was yummy (according to them). When I got home, we played for about 30 minutes before the afternoon nap. So, nothing too exciting went on, but it was just generally a good day, with happy girls.

Monday, July 28, 2008

BIG night

Well, we finally did it. The second crib moved from downstairs to upstairs. The girls spent their first night "apart." They were a whole 3 feet away from each other! The did marvelous. I can't believe they are so big they can't share a crib anymore. They looked so cute and lonely all by themselves.

Pictures from Texas A&M University

Maddie and Izzie enjoying their first picnic at Texas A&M University. Apples and Millet were on the menu. Yummy. Mom and Dad had Subway Sandwiches!

The Flag room at A&M. A great place to relax or study between classes.

Sibisa the cafeteria and the water tower. When I was a student the water town was painted "sky blue" it was supposed to blend in with the sky, instead it stuck out like a sore thumb, the new colors are much better.

It's tradition to propose to your girl under the Century Tree at A&M. John didn't propose to me here, but I did get a kiss or two!

The Century Tree is HUGE!

The Academic Building.

Here I am sitting at Fish Pond with Maddie and Izzie. After football games, older classmen tend to dunk the "Fish" (freshmen) in the pond.

The fountain in front of the MSC. John is with the girls.

I spent many many many hours here at Langford. I just had to show the girls the Architecture building!

You always put a penny on Sull Ross's boots before a test if you want to get a good grade. I never did learn where the pennies go.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We're back!



Maddie's bath in the sink

Izzie's turn!

Lunch with Jamie and Nicholas (Moooooom, peas???)

Maddie and Daddy playing around at Unka D's studio.

"See Mema, I'm a BIG girl!" says Maddie.

Izzie telling Pepaw a story.

Grnadma Bettie, Izzie, Grandpa Jimmy and Maddie.

And what a fun trip it was. I didn't write anything while I was gone, because I was just enjoying the time visiting and spending time away from the computer and tv. I was "unplugged." I did take a ton of pictures while I was gone, so I'll put up a bunch after I get them organized. In the mean time...

We had a great time. The trip down to Bryan went okay, I did have to stop to feed the girls in a parking lot of Dairy Queen in Calvert, Texas. That was "fun." Maddie cried for an hour of the trip and I squeezed in between the two carseats in the back to try to entertain the girls a bit. It wasn't so bad. Thursday night, we mostly sat around and visited. Then it was time to put the girls down to bed. Friday we went to lunch with Jamie and Nicholas and then had Unka D take some pictures of the girls at the Studio.

Saturday, John, the girls and I visited the Texas A&M University campus. It was the first time that either one of has been on campus since I graduated in 2002. It was so much fun reminiscing of old times. John and I met on the steps of Zachary (one of the engineering buildings.) We had a picnic with the girls (the girls first picnic!) and then we walked to a lot of our favorite campus spots. It was a highlight of my trip. It felt strange, since everything was familiar, but not. Plus on a Saturday in the summer the campus was a ghost town! That was definitely weird. After we got back from campus, Grandma Bettie and Grandpa Jimmy stopped by Mema's house to see the girls and visit. They were amazed at how big the girls are getting!

This morning was an interesting parenting experience. The girls woke up each night at 4:30, I nursed them, and then put them back to sleep. Then we all slept until 7:30 or 8:00am. Well this morning, they did not want to go back down. Izzie was really fussy and she kept Maddie up. Then they both started crying. So after about an hour, I fed them again, just to soothe them back to sleep. Maddie proceeded to go right to sleep, but Izzie was still fussy. I picked her back up and started rocking her. I mentioned to John that she felt clammy so I unwrapped her from her swaddle. I put her up in bed between us. She proceeded to spit up all over her nightgown and the bed. So we cleaned that up and got her changed. We were debating what to do with the sheets when she threw up all over me, and the bed. Maddie thankfully slept through all of this commotion. We bathed Izzie and stripped the sheets. By this point it was about 7am and we knew we weren't getting any more sleep. Izzie was feeling much much better. So she and John watched some tv in the living room and I went in the office and visited with Pepaw who was up by this time. Right after Maddie woke up, we got on the road. Both girls did pretty decent on the drive home and we didn't even have to stop.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goin' to Mema & Pepaw's house

This morning is all about packing up to go to Mema and Pepaw's house. We are spending the weekend in Bryan, Texas. It's our second spend the night away since we've had the girls. The first time went really well. A few concerns I have this go around is that the girls are bigger. We haven't pulled out their travel tent, but we hope they both will fit in it. Last time around they slept right next to each other, now they like a little more space around them. Also, they've been sleeping in their own room since the beginning of May. We will be all sharing a room at Mema's house so I hope we don't wake them up! They are a lot lighter sleepers than they used to be, I think. Other than the sleeping arrangements, I'm really excited to be getting out of town for a weekend. Hopefully we will be able to catch up with my good friend Jamie and my cousin Lisa.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's have Whirled Peas

Today was a day with no cell phone, and yet, somehow I survived. Last night I left my purse in the car, and my cell phone was in it. John has been driving the car to work, since I don't usually go anywhere during the day, it was silly for him to use the truck. Anyway, when I noticed that I didn't have my cell phone, it was funny how many people I just HAD to call out of town. Then there is my mom who lives 5 miles away but for some reason still has a Houston cell number and no house number. I sent her an email to call me! It's not like I had anything to say, but it was weird not being able to call. And of course even the local people I know, all of their phone numbers are stored in that little device. It's hard to remember back before cell phones.

As for the girls today, they have been in really good moods. Although the girls are going through a phase of not wanting to take naps. I call it a phase, because I'm hoping they get over it soon. It's not that they don't nap at all, they are just taking shorter naps than they used to. I think they still need the same amount of sleep though because they get so grumpy at night. Maddie was the one today that only took a short nap. She did better this evening than I thought she would.

They are getting so big. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they are already 7 months old. Today while I was fixing their lunch I had them both in the high chairs with some toys. I had them angled so that they could sort of see each other. It was the cutest thing I've seen. They were having a "conversation" with each other. I mean, it was all babble and squeaks and squeals, but they were really looking at each other, taking turns "talking" and then laughing together. I wish I could capture it on video, but so far any time I try, they get camera shy. I try to be stealthy, but I need more practice. They enjoyed their lunch of "Whirled Peas" (as Popo calls it!) and apple & rice cereal mix. Tomorrow they get to try millet. It's a grain that is packed full of all sorts of nutrients. It's actually one of my favorite side dishes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sun hats

I finally found some sun hats for the girls to wear that weren't too big for their heads. Here are my cute babies! Oh... and Izzie found her toes!



Maddie and Izzie

Monday, July 21, 2008

Maddie and Izzie drinking water out of their sippy cups after our long walk today. They were thirsty and so was I! They seem to be doing okay with the sippy cups, although Izzie gets more down the front of her shirt than in her mouth I think.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

7 months old today!

The girls are 7 months old today. They are getting so big! It's fun to look back at old photos and see how teeny tiny they were when they were born. This last month they are getting stronger at sitting up, but they aren't quite there yet. They can both put their weight down on their legs if you hold them up. They have started solids and so far have eaten: rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, avocado and banana. They have loved every thing we have given them so far. I'm pretty sure they know their own names. This morning I tested it out by calling each of them. When I called Maddie she looked at me, and same for when I said Izzie. It's hard to tell for sure though.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Out and about

Today was a mostly go with the flow, nothing special sort of day. I did meet my fellow Woodbridge Newsletter staff for lunch. I can't believe that the four of us have been running the paper for over two years now. It really does look like it is coming to an end. We've been struggling with finding enough writers for the past um... (okay, for EVERY issue!) Now, the Home Owners Association fired Trish our Chair for being in the community pool after hours. They said it isn't becoming of a community representative. No one wants to take over the chair position. So, for the time being anyway, we are going to lay the paper to rest. Hopefully there will be more interest and it can start again one day. We are going to put out one last paper as our farewell.

Woodbridge Newsletter Staff: Janet Doleh- star reporter, Trish McGilvery - Chairperson, Amanda Dittlinger - Layout Editor & Nicole Tucker - Advertising and reporting.

Other than my lunch, I took the girls out shopping after naptime. We went to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and Hanncock Fabrics. They are all in a row in the same shopping center so we didn't have to get in and out of the car 3 times. They were excellent although, Izzie is tired of the snap and go stroller. It's the one the carseats fit into. She doesn't want to be reclined anymore. She wants to sit up so she can see.


Maddie trying on sunglasses at Hobby Lobby.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Got my grump on

You know that old saying... "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Well, that's why I didn't write anything yesterday. I was in a major grump. The girls were fine mostly during the morning, but they woke up from their nap very clingy. Maddie was also really hard to get down to sleep last night. It took about two hours before she fell asleep. I've noticed subtle changes in her this last week. She's losing her "infant" and being full blown "baby." She found her feet this morning, she's playing with toys in a different way. Trying to see how they work. She has started to hold on to your neck when you pick her up. Little things. Izzie this week has really been studying Maddie. When Maddie gets upset, Izzie is reaching out to her. She's been "talking" to her. She reaches out and touches her ears and her hands. It's really fun to watch but Izzie has been the one to try and connect with Maddie, while Maddie is more interested in her physical world of toys and self. I'm not sure how to describe it any better than that.

Maddie with her rattle socks on that Daddy bought her. She's investigating her feet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


John is back at work today. He spent Monday and Tuesday trying to recover from his wisdom teeth surgery. He was feeling pretty good yesterday morning, but I'm afraid he did too much and then crashed in the afternoon. He says he's feeling okay this morning though.

The girls have decided that they don't like the schedule we've been following the past couple of weeks. As soon as you get a system down that you think works, they change it and it usually takes a few days to figure out a new system. This morning they slept all the way until 7:30am with no nighttime feedings. I liked that a lot. Although I have been feeding them at 6 and then putting them back down until 9. So already I knew the day was going to be longer! We went on an hour long walk around the neighborhood. By the time we got home, all three of us were sweaty. I nursed them again because I wanted to make sure to replenish fluids that we lost sweating. They slept the last 10min of the walk so my plan was to feed 'em and put them down for a morning nap. They apparently were happy with their 10 min catnap and were not going to go to sleep. Fine, so I brought them downstairs where they played for another hour as happy as can be! They were ready for a nap at 11. Now, it's 12:30, they are still sleeping. I'm going to let them go as long as they want. I prefer one long nap to the two shorter ones we were doing, so hopefully that is what I'll get today!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008




Pictures from the past few days

Grandma feeding Maddie and Izzie

Darrin, Izzie, Maddie

Rebecca & Izzie

Daddy and Izzie

Mema and Maddie


Nana, Maddie, Mema, Izzie & Rebecca

Mema, Izzie & Maddie