Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We miss you daddy!

Maddy after we finished swimming.

Izzie sitting with Popo after swimming.

John's been in LA since Sunday evening. He comes back tomorrow night. Yesterday went pretty well without him (although, we did miss him!) The girls and I went over to mom's house to go swimming and we ended up staying for dinner. Mom then followed me home to help me put the girls down to bed. They went down a lot easier than on Sunday night when I did it by myself. I think on Sunday they were just over tired from all of the father's day activities. Yesterday was mostly low key. We did go swimming for about thirty minutes. The girls swam in these cool floats I bought at Target. We forgot to take pictures. I'm so good about pictures, but occasionally, I just live in the moment and forget! Anyway, one float is like a flower and the other is a ladybug. I'll get some pictures of the girls in them eventually.

This morning I went on a looooong walk. I took Ripley around the block to get him tired and then I brought him back in when he got pooped out. I continued around with the girls. I met a few neighbors today. A lady down the street, Terry, who has almost 5yr old triplets. Then I met a grandma and grandpa who were so excited to see the girls. And last I met a guy mowing his lawn who had to stop and say hi. Somedays I meet the whole neighborhood and some days no one is out.

This afternoon the girls and I are looking forward to a playdate. A lady I met at my PAMOM meeting last Tuesday is coming over. Angela with her twin girls Andy and Alex.

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