Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teething has begun

I think Maddie is officially teething and Izzie probably isn't too far behind. Maddie spent the afternoon crying her poor little heart out. I finally gave her some tylenol since nothing I was doing would soothe her. I tried cool chew toys, a wet washcloth, an ice cube in this nifty little teething toy. Nothing. I tried rocking and singing and walking around. John looked up a list of symptoms and found that the girls behavior in the past few days matched up with most of the symptoms on the list. Especially the fussiness, clingy behavior, and chewing on everything, When Izzie started crying because she wasn't getting any attention, I called in reinforcements. Mom came over for about an hour and just sat with me holding babies and then helped me put them down for a nap. John bought baby orajel on the way home. Hopefully we will get through the evening with as few tears as possible.

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