Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swim day

Okay, so I couldn't wait. But what else is new? I took the girls outside in our little pool before John got home this afternoon. The girls woke up at 2:30 and I nursed them and then put them in their swimsuits. I put Izzie in her carseat with some toys outside on the deck. Then I went back in and got Maddie. Maddie and I went swimming first. She really liked it. The only problem was, we didn't get enough air in the sides of the pool so most of the water had drained out. But, it was still fun. Then the tricky part. I only brought out one carseat and Izzie was in it. Hum. So I sat Maddie down on the deck and "propped" her with my legs. I picked up Izzie and had to lay her on the deck. She didn't seem to mind. I put Maddie in the carseat with the toys. Picked up Izzie and we went splashy in the pool. Afterwards I took them inside. I saw that John would be home soon, so I left them in their bathing suits. When he got home we loaded them up in the car and took them to the neighborhood pool.

We started in the baby pool. They really liked it this time around. So I got brave and tried to take Maddie in the big pool with me. She LOVED it! I was holding her by the arm pits and she was actually kicking her legs out! Izzie, by this time had started to cry. I think she got over stimulated. The pool had a lot of kids screaming and splashing about. So I traded babies with John and took Izzie in the big side so he could swim with Maddie. When I held her really tight to me and just did some baby bounces in the water, she finally started to have fun. Overall, this time was WAY better than last time. We got home about 4:00 and put them down for another nap. They are really tired!

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