Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Splish splash, Maddie, Izzie and Momma in the bath!

This evening I took the girls (one at a time) in the bath with me this evening. They had an absolute blast. I did this once or twice before when they were just a few months old, but it's been awhile. This time, they were laughing and splashing. It was very cute. It has been a long day. I still think the girls aren't feeling too well. Maddie especially. It's made for very long days lately. Thank goodness they are still sleeping at nap and nightime well. (Knock on wood!)

Although I think Izzie is going through a growth spurt trying to catch up in weight to her sissy. The last two nights she's awoke wanting to eat. Once at 5am and last night at 2 am. I guess she knows that there is a doc appointment coming up and she doesn't want to be too far behind!

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