Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Babies like routines. Lately, we've had a pretty good routine going on. I say routine versus schedule, because a routine is more flexible. A schedule is usually set. Our routine is usually:

Wake up and eat.
Play for 2 hours.
Go on a walk around the neighborhood.
Nap for 2.5 hours.
Play, play, play.
Maybe take a cat nap.
Play some more.
Go for another walk.
Eat, Bathe and go Night Night.
Rinse and repeat.

Today I didn't want to go on my morning walk. I think that threw things off. The girls also woke up earlier than normal. Well, Maddie was ready for a nap at 11am, but Izzie wasn't. I think she's holding out for that walk. So right now, Maddie is upstairs sleeping and Izzie is in her swing playing. My routine is all out of whack, because to me, the most important part of all is to keep them in sync , no matter what we are doing. We'll see how the afternoon plays out.

Here's a picture of Izzie NOT napping. Maybe it's because she's wearing her "I don't have to be good, I'm cute" shirt...

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Seren Dippity said...

Actually, Izzie thinks this photo should be labeled- "Izzie NOT on her morning walk." You are the one who changed the routine, momma!