Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Play area in Willow Bend Mall

Maddie and Izzie "playing" at the mall.

The play area in Willow Bend Mall.

Today I took the girls to their first PAMOM event. Some of the MOM's were planning to meet at the play area in Willow Bend Mall. First off, Willow Bend Mall is very ritzy. It was really nice. I think I'll have to come again sometime to do some actual shopping. Anyway, I made my way through Neiman Marcus and found the play area. I was sad that I wasn't 1.5 years old so that I could play. Why didn't they have such neat stuff when I was a kid? The whole entire play area was made out of foam. It was geared towards toddlers and nothing was over a foot and half high. It was like an episode of "Honey, I shrunk the Playgroup!" It had gigantic silverware, cups, eggs, etc. It was a lot of fun watching the toddlers crawl over it. I knew my girls weren't old enough to play, but I figured they'd really enjoy watching and boy was I right. Maddie and Izzie both were delighted! It was like going to a play for them. They were giggling and having a grand ole time. Izzie was kicking her legs so hard, I could just tell that she wanted them to work so she could go play! I told them we'd come back in a few months when they were older.

The whole morning went very well. I took the jeep stroller so that they could both see all the action. The only thing that went "wrong" was me not paying attention. When I parked my car, I carefully check to see what marker I was at. I was parked directly in front of A12. I was parked right next to a big white SUV. As I was leaving the car, I noticed that the other side was A11. I was so proud to remember to pay attention to where I parked! So I'm tired, the girls are tired and it's time to go home. I head out to the car. I see A11, I see the big white SUV. I don't see my car. I start to panic. I walked around. Sure enough, A12. No car. Anywhere. I'm starting to get sick. I seriously am thinking my car is stolen, but for the life of me can't figure out why they would steal my Mazda with two carseats in it when there is Lexus's and BMW's and Mercedes's all over the lot. Then I look around and notice that there is ANOTHER A12. And there's my happy little car parked right next to a big white SUV. Why they had 2 A12's is beyond me. But at least my car was there and I was able to go home.

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