Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom's night out - Dad's Perspective

Ok, so I thought I'd offer my perspective on last night when I had the ominous job of feeding, bathing, and putting the girls down to sleep, all by myself!

Amanda left around 5:30 to go to her PAMOM meeting, and the girls and I just enjoyed playing happily for about an hour. At that point, Maddie was getting to be pretty fussy, so I thought I'd take them on a walk around the neighborhood for a little while to calm them down before the night night process began. Well, we get back around 6:55 or so and I got their milk ready and picked up Izzie to feed her. I can't feed them both at the same time, so I had to listen to Maddie cry pretty hard while Izzie was just sucking down the milk like she hadn't been fed in forever.

Alright, Girl #1 fed, on the Girl #2! Wait a minute... I've been feeding Maddie, not Izzie! Oops! I'm at a stage where I get them confused easily I guess. Oh well, I get Izzie ready to eat and.... crying. She ate MAYBE an ounce crying the whole time, when she really opened up and started bawling. We're having issues with her and the bottle, so it didn't surpise me. Oh well, time for baths!

Up the stairs we go, putting one in the bouncie, and bath time for Maddie. She loves her bath time, so it went well. She cried and fussed while I was dressing her in her jammies, but as soon as the paci found her mouth she was out like a light. Izzie had been fussing and crying a bit during this, but when I put her in the water, she calmed right down. Well, we finished bath time and got dressed for bed, crying the whole time. I figured I'd try to feed her some more and even put her on Amanda's feeding pillow to make her more comfy and used to it. She was having none of it and just cried more. So I put her down, and the second the pace found her mouth, she was out just like her sister.

A trying ordeal, but I think I handled it ok. Amanda wanted to feed Izzie when she got home around 10ish, but I told her to let her sleep. Apparently she was OK since she slept all the way till 6:30 this morning. Whew!

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Grandma said...

Sounds like you did a great job! Somedays it's hard for anyone...just wait til they get bigger! We are proud you are such a super daddy! Of course, the girls have a super mommy, too.