Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mishap in Target

This morning I took the girls to Target. Mostly I just wanted to get out of the house, but didn't want to be outside. My plan was to go to Collin Creek Mall just to walk around a bit, but the mall doesn't open until 10am and we were ready to go somewhere at 8am. So, Target it was. I was just wandering around the store, picking up odds and ends that we were out of when Izzie looked up at me, smiled and then proceeded to throw-up everywhere. Oh ick. I wiped up as much as I could with my burpie cloth and then beelined for the check out. We got checked out, Izzie was fine. I hardly think she even noticed. I think I just jostled her too much getting in and out of the car. Who knows. Anyway, I ended up changing her outfit in the trunk of my car. I opened the trunk, layed out the changing pad and got her cleaned up with wipees. A lady stopped by and said to me, "I remember those days!" I'm sure every mom has experienced multiple changes in various parts of a car. Too bad I didn't have my camera for that shot though. Izzie looked kinda cute in my trunk.

Since I've been sick the past few days, I haven't taken the time to take many pictures. Here are some that I did take:

A few days ago, Izzie fell asleep all sprawled out in the downstairs crib. Maddie got tired too, but there was no room for her. We made her a pallet on the floor.

Izzie being cute in her highchair.

Maddie didn't feel good on Monday. She fell asleep with Dolly.

Izzie last night before bedtime.

Maddie posing perfect last night.

Which brings us up to today:

Izzie thinks EVERYTHING is tasty lately.

Maddie studying the toys.

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