Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night was my June PAMOM (Plano Area Mom's of Multiples) group meeting. We had a question and answer period before the main meeting with MOMs with children in our age group. It was interesting last night because I went to a meeting when my girls were 2 months old. I remember listening to the mom's with 6 month old babies and thinking to myself wow, these mom's have it together. Now, my girls are almost 6 months and I was listening to the mom's with 2 month old babies and I was thinking, wow, I'm glad I'm past that stage! They (and I at the time) were all in a sleep deprived state just trying to make sense of how to handle two or more babies at once.

During the main meeting we had a guest speaker Lynda Morley. She talked about brain development and how to simulate infant and young children's brains. She was a great speaker. Basically she said talk to your infant and tell them what you are doing throughout the day. She said that tv is the cause of shorter attention spans in children now days. She said that teachers are being forced to recreate their curriculum to fit TWO MINUTE attention spans! Kindergarteners used to have a 30 -40 minute attention span, but from research done on tv studies, the average attention span of the modern kindergartener is only two minutes long. That's why John and I have discussed and aren't going to let our girls watch tv until the age of two. (That's the American Pediatrics recommendation.) Even after that, we will still limit tv time. The rest of her speech was very informative too, she just really hit on the tv part hard. Which was funny, because a lot of the mom's in the room started to get defensive. But in the end, she said, a little Baby Einstein here and there won't damage your kid.

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