Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm sick

Ick ick and yuck. I'm not too bad off, but I had the worst of worst of sore throats last night. This morning I was achy all over and had a headache to match. I called mom to help me with the girls, because I didn't have the energy to cope with them. She actually came over and then sent me to the doctor. She was afraid what I was describing was flu symptoms. Turns out, I don't have the flu or strep, but just your every day common viral infection. Doc said I should be better by Saturday. She did give me a prescription in case I wasn't better by Saturday. I haven't gotten sick in over a year and half. I'm a whiny sick person too. All I do is moan and groan. At least John is a good "taker care of" person. He says I'm a horrible sick person though.

On a more positive note, the girls are doing terrific. They've been very happy today. Although they've been particularly sleepy too. Maybe it's the start of another growth spurt?

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Seren Dippity said...

Hey! I want a photo to go along with this blog entry. Too bad I didn't take a snapshot of you when I arrived this morning. giggle.

My poor baby. Get plenty of fluids. Let's cross our fingers that the little ones don't get it.