Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Today is Nanny's birthday! Nanny is the girls' Great Grandmother on their father's side. We are going to take her and her sister Betty (who is down from Wisconsin visiting) out to lunch for her birthday. The rest of the family is getting together tonight for cake and ice cream, but we didn't want to keep the girls up past their bedtime two nights in a row. Although I do have to say, they did good last night.

Speaking of last night, it was Tom's Retirement Party. I was sick, but I really didn't want to miss it. It was a good time. We still ended up leaving early, when the girls got fussy. Overall though, they were really really good! They are finally starting to get over their separation anxiety. There was probably over 100 people at the party. It just goes to show how many friends Tom has made over the years. The speeches were warm and fuzzy. The greatest line was when Jackie said that he may have retired, but he has a new boss now, referring to herself of course. John had to add in that all retirement meant was that he wasn't getting a paycheck for all the work he's going to be doing. Maddie even wanted a chance to talk. During John's speech she started babbling away at the top of her lungs. It was so cute.

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