Thursday, June 12, 2008

Firehouse subs

Izzie taking a cat nap.


Mom came over this morning and hung out withe the girls and I. There seems to be a look but don't touch rule going on lately. Both girls are going through major separation anxiety. They will only let John or I hold them without immediately crying. One thing that does seem to work is if the other person holds them face out where they can't see who is holding them. I wish we had a third person to video tape us. Mom and I were sitting on the floor each with a girl in front of us. We were playing patty-cake with the girls. It was SO cute. Maddie was giggling so hard!

We went to a new sub place called Firehouse subs near Firewheel Mall. I thought it was a pretty decent sub sandwich. Similar to Quizno's in that you order a sandwich off the menu and the make it for you. Not like Subway, where it is more "cafeteria" style and you tell them exactly what you want. It's in the same shopping center as Half Price Books, so I walked the girls over and mom drove. (It was easier to walk ALL the way across the parking lot than to load the girls up and unload again!) But mom drove so we wouldn't have to walk ALL the way back!

Now the girls are down for a much needed nap since going out to lunch delayed by a couple of hours.

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