Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy weekend

Today I didn't have many plans, but it ended up being a full fun day. The morning was pretty laid back, but at 10:30 I had a community newsletter meeting. I ended up taking Maddie with me. I took Maddie to the store with me yesterday, so it would have been Izzie's turn except I took Izzie to the last newsletter meeting and I wanted Maddie to have a turn. Not that I am always going to keep everything exactly even and fair in their lives, but I do want to have some sort of balance. So anyway, Maddie and I went to a "labeling" meeting. The newsletters should hit mailboxes next week.

When we got home, it was time for a nap. The girls slept really good at naptime. When they woke up, all four of us went over to my mom's house to go swimming. The girls did so good!! Maddie is a natural waterbug. She was kicking and have a grand old time. Izzie, is a bit more cautious, but she likes the pool too. We were swimming along and then Maddie's eyes caught sight of the fountain that is in the hot tub. She was fascinated. Absolutely fascinated. When we tried to do something else with her, she cried until we showed her the fountain again. It actually cycled off and she got so upset that Popo had to turn it back on for her! We had a good time. I'll put pics up tomorrow of the girls in their new (gently used) swimsuits.

Tomorrow is John's first Father's Day. We are going over to his parent's house to celebrate with the family.

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