Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bath in kitchen sink

Maddie and Izzie are feeling much better today. Izzie even went shopping with me at Walmart. Here she is trying to decide which type of mustard we should by for Daddy. (I took the photo with my cell phone, so it isn't the best!)

We decided to do two naps today. Their first morning nap was only an hour long, but everyone (John and I included) needed it! Then we played for a while after the morning nap. I slathered them in sunscreen to go on a walk but it is so hot outside that we just all got super sweaty. I know personally I wouldn't want to go take a nap that sweaty so we decided to have a bath in the sink. Not that it was any easier, since most of their bath stuff is upstairs, but I figured something different would be fun for the girls. And it was. Izzie was looking around trying to figure it out. It was cute. Maddie actually started splashing the water with her fists. It put them in a better mood for nap. And I'm all about the nap!



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