Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All about sitting up

This evening, about thirty minutes before it was time to put the girls to bed, John and I took them outside on the back deck. The breeze was blowing and it just felt really good out. The grass looked too tempting for me to pass up. I jumped out of my chair with Maddie and said to John she needs to feel the grass! So I sat down and put Maddie between my legs. She reached down and grabbed the grass. It was so cute. I balanced her in a sitting up position and then let go. She sat unassisted for a few seconds before she wobbled and leaned back into me. We did it over and over. Then John said he had to get in on the action, so he brought Izzie to sit in the grass too. She also loved the grass. John did the same thing with her, and lo and behold! She sat unassisted too! I couldn't believe it! I told John that I was going to "call it." The girls both sat up unassisted on the same day. Sure, it isn't for very long. Maybe 10 seconds, but we all have to start somewhere. 

 And on an unrelated note, here is Maddie and Izzie in their swim floaties!

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