Friday, June 20, 2008

.005 centuries old

Pictures of Madeline - 6 months old!

Pictures of Izzie - 6 months old!

Pictures of Maddie and Izzie

My girls are 6 months old today! See how tired I am? I forgot to mention it earlier. I can't believe it's been half a year since they were born. It really does go by so fast! They are taking a nap right now (thank goodness!) but I do plan on taking lots of 6 month pictures. Hopefully soon, we are going to get some professional pictures done of them. At 6 months they are both rolling over. Maddie is more of a pro than Izzie. Maddie has started sleeping on her tummy. Izzie loves her hands in her mouth and she likes to explore the world more by tasting everything. Maddie prefers to sit back and watch. They both like to "talk" and Izzie likes to "sing." They absolutely love being outdoors. I think they would like to live outdoors if they could.

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roy hewitt said...

I pressed 'next blog' and yours came up.

Happy 'half a year' girls.

May God Bless you and protect you always. Sincerely, Uncle Roy.