Monday, May 19, 2008

Playdate at the Quintana's

We spent the day at my friend Kim's house. It was really fun seeing all the babies together. They actually did really good. At one point all the babies were fussy. Kim and I just looked at each other and yelled, "walk??" over the screaming madness. We got the girls (and one boy!) in their strollers and took a nice long walk around her neighborhood. It was nice, because the kids were all having fun and we actually got to visit! Afterwards we ate lunch at her house, fed the babies and put them to sleep. Izzie and Maddie bunked together in Cambry's bed and Cambry got to bunk in with Sebastian. Amazingly enough they all went down! We got some more visiting time in before I had to head home.

The girls Grandma and Grandpa came over for a visit and they brought dinner! Which was awesome because I had been gone all day and hadn't even thought of dinner yet. They wanted to see the girls before they head to Wisconsin for a week and half vacation with John's Grandma.

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