Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blissfully boring

The last few days have been blissfully boring. Last week was pretty hectic for the girls and I so we needed a boring week to just get back into our routine. They are such happy babies. Both Maddie and Izzie are really starting to love to play with their toys. Izzie will reach out and grab a rattle that you hold in front of her. Maddie wants to, but can't quite get her hand to go where she wants it yet. On the otherhand, Maddie is SO close to rolling over. Izzie could absolutely care less about rolling over. She's got other things more interesting in her mind. She loves to kick, but I knew that in the womb. Izzie was on my left side and Maddie was on my right. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I actually went in for a baby stress test to see if baby "A" was okay. It was just Maddie being laid back like usual. Compared to Izzie who was kicking me like crazy, I didn't know what to think! It sure is fun to watch them grow up. Sometimes it seems like they do something new each and every day.

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