Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good day

The time has flown by today. The girls woke up pretty early this morning so I fed them and put them back to bed. I wasn't sure if Izzie would go back down, since she was "singing" to me this morning, but I knew Maddie was still sleepy. But they both went to sleep pretty easily. That gave me time to "wake" up all the way. After they woke up, we had a fun filled morning. Both girls were just in a super duper mood. Singing and gabbering away. We went on a long walk and just played hard. I didn't expect them to want to go down for a nap until 1 or 1:30, but at 12:15 Maddie started crying because she was so sleepy. You could see it in her eyes. So I put them down. She fell asleep even before I finished swaddling her! Izzie took a bit longer, but she too fell right asleep. I got alot done around the house during nap time. They just woke up and are playing in the other room. During their nap I looked up some new songs to try out on them, so I'm off to go sing! Mom's coming over later (John has to work late tonight) and we are going to dinner and she can help me put the girls to bed if John doesn't get home in time.

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