Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holding pattern

The girls seem to be in a holding pattern lately. For awhile there it seemed like every day, or at least every other day they were doing something new. I guess right now, they are just perfecting the skills they've already picked up before they move on to something new. Maddie is very close to rolling over. I wouldn't be surprised if she does it today. A while ago she went from tummy to back, but hasn't done it since. Now she goes from back to tummy, almost! She just can't seem to get that last shoulder square to the floor or mattress. Izzie has been working on her hand-to-mouth coordination. She likes bringing toys and her hand to her mouth. She likes to reach out for a rattle that you hold in front of her. They are both very vocal. They love to jabber away. It is extremely cute. I love watching their expressions while they try to talk. When I went to the park with them yesterday, I saw these other cute little girls. One was 18months old and so adorable. She was toddling around like she owned the place. It'll be so fun when my girls get that age. But I am enjoying this sweet non-mobile baby stage too!

Yesterday, Maddie was very needy. She wanted to be held all day long. Maybe her tummy wasn't feeling well or something. It was just out of character for her. Hopefully today she feels better. Izzie got this new toy that when she kicks is starts singing and says "hello, baby!" She loves it. I actually got some video of her doing it.

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