Sunday, May 18, 2008

The day of no sleep

The girls did not want to go to sleep today. No naps, no cat naps and now no bedtime. Actually, I think they are finally asleep for bedtime, but it took a long time to get them down. I take that back, Maddie just started crying... again. John's upstairs rocking her.

This morning they were very happy. They were playing and having a grand old time. I packed them up and took them to mom's house. We were going to go grab lunch and maybe hit one fabric store. (Still looking for curtain fabric.) Anyway, the girls started crying in the restaurant. I managed to eat my meal while holding Izzie, but mom ended up taking hers to go. We had hoped they would take a nap in their carseats, but no go. So we headed back to mom's house. I fed them and tried to put them down for a nap. No go. They were crying their heads off. I tried feeding them again, one to just soothe them and two to see if maybe they weren't full. Then I tried to get them to sleep again. No go. We ended up holding them both. They finally nodded off for a short while in our arms. Now at bedtime, they are just overtired. Izzie is sound asleep but Maddie is fighting it. I feel like I spent the whole day trying to get the girls to go to sleep. I know for one I'm sure exhausted!

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Seren Dippity said...

Me too! And I only helped you for PART of the day.