Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ramblings of a mom

Last night we had a HUGE storm. One clap of thunder even shook the whole house. It was a bit scary being here by myself with the girls. Mostly it was a big lightening show though.

This morning was hot and muggy due to the storms last night. The girls and I had a peaceful morning. When I was feeding them this morning, Izzie reached over and held Maddie's hand. It was SO cute! I don't think she did it consciously, but she was looking at Maddie when she did it. I decided to take them to Target. I didn't really need to get anything, but I just thought it would be a fun field trip and it was too muggy for a walk around the neighborhood. They did really great at Target. I bought some new shorts, but since I had the girls I didn't want to try them on at the store. Which stinks because I of course bought the wrong size so now I've got to return them. It would have been easier in the long run to try them on in the store. Oh well. When we got home, I didn't think the girls would be ready to eat for at least another hour. They told me otherwise. They both started crying so loud! I fed them and they were still crying. They were both tired, but too worked up to go to sleep. I swaddled them up and gave them a paci and they fell asleep almost immediately.

I had two cavities filled yesterday. And today my mouth is sore. I have TMJ and holding my mouth open that long always makes it hurt. Not to mention my back is still hurting really bad. I hurt it two weekends ago, and it's still hurting. I've been taking aleve, using icy hot and a back brace.

The girls were in cute little outfits today, but they both spit up on them before I got a picture. So I'll try again next time I put them in them. I bought them some little khaki shorts today at Target. They look so adorable! I'm going to put them in the shorts after naptime.

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