Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy dance

I've been pretty productive this morning. The girls woke me up at 7:30. I had plenty of sleep, but still wanted more! But we all got up and the girls had breakfast in bed. I pulled my nursing pillow over to the bed and fed them there. I'm not sure if it was more comfortable or not. It was just different. We had a bit of a rain storm after breakfast. I got some laundry done while the girls took their after breakfast nap. I did a bit of cooking too. Then Maddie, Izzie and I played in the toy room. Maddie was doing great at reaching out for the toys. I had to take some video. Izzie was in one of her favorite places of all times. She loves her swing. Now, Izzie is asleep again and Maddie is helping me type. She is in the bjorn facing out. We just started that a few days ago.

I'm excited, I have my PAMOM meeting tonight. I really enjoy going to the meetings and meeting new moms. I can't wait until the girls are a bit older and can go on some of the field trips that PAMOM plans. In the meantime I go, to meet new people and to get out of the house for awhile.

Just heard from Jackie, Julie should get to come home from the hospital this afternoon. She just needs to be cleared by doctor Watkins. I'm sure she's anxious to get home!

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