Sunday, April 6, 2008

D&D Day @ the D's

Today is another Dungeons and Dragon Day at the Dittlinger's! I spent the morning touching up the baby announcement for Sabrina and doing some work for the community newsletter while the girls were sleeping. Actually we slept in pretty late, so the morning just poofed away. The guys showed up at noon. The girls and I went upstairs for a bit, but they got sleepy again, so I brought them downstairs. Maddie is napping in the downstairs crib and I'm wearing Izzie in the baby bjorn. I've got a newsletter meeting later this afternoon.

Later... A sad day for the Woodbridge Community Newsletter. We are so close to closing down. Our neighborhood has 2100 homes approximately, but we can't seem to drum up interest in the newsletter. In the past few issues we've squeaked by with three core members and a few extra people that submit articles. Today the meeting got canceled because we had no one show up. We are going to try and reschedule, but 3 people can't keep a paper running for 2100. We need fresh ideas and new articles! I'm so frustrated. I really enjoy designing it, but without articles, there isn't anything to design!

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