Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday plans

Look at those feet! Identical. Maddie is left, Izzie is right.

Here it is 11am and I'm just now getting to making plans for the day! Lets just say the girls and I took the morning off. We just chilled. Well, we did have a photo shoot! I put them in some adorable outfits! (I wish I remembered who gave them to me, but they are cute!!) We spent some time cuddling on the couch and I read Entertainment Weekly outloud to them. They were very interested in what was going to happen on Grey's Anatomy in the last 5 episodes. Now they are taking a cat nap before their next feeding.

Anyway, as for the plans, Mom is coming over to hang out and have "twin" time this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to slip away to visit Stephanie and her two boys. Tonight is PAMOM's mom's night out, and I was thinking about going, but I forgot to RSVP so now I think it's too late. Maybe not, I'll email the coordinator and see. Ah... baby fussing... gotta go!

Well I'm kinda bummed. I didn't get to go over to Stephanie's house today. She decided she didn't want any visitors for the boys yet as they are so young. I understand, I just wish she'd have said that yesterday when I was setting it up. Oh well, I did drop off the Shepard's Pie I made her. And as for going out with the PAMOM ladies, I didn't get coordinated enough to RSVP. I kind of want to stay in anyway tonight. I did go to the used kid's store this afternoon after John got home and bought a second Baby Bjorn for cheap. John and I both want to wear one at the same time. My wrap is awesome, but if you move around in it too much the baby starts to sink in it.

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