Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today was a day of productivity. This morning we tackled the monster that is our garage. We didn't finish organizing it, but we did make a dent. The girls helped by supervising. I had them in the stroller. John and I started a few piles. Trash, keep and garage sale. We were mostly focused on trash this time around. There was a lot of junk in our garage. Mostly big boxes that we were able to recycle. Next we need to put up some shelves or other organization methods. Right now everything is on the floor, which doesn't make for ease of use. Afterwards the girls and I took a walk as they were already in their stroller. Then John helped me pick up some clutter that was around the house. And I went to the store to buy some pet food. Then I even had time to cook a fun dinner of homemade raviolis. I love homemade raviolis, but they are normally very time consuming. With my handy dandy pasta roller machine, they didn't take near as long! Of course I didn't have the ravioli attachment for my handy dandy pasta machine, so I did have to laboriously hand form the raviolis.

Cookin' Corner
Homemade meat & cheese raviolis
2 1/4 cups of flour
3 eggs
1/2 lb lean hamburger meat
1 cup of grated cheeses (I used a parmesan mix)
1 egg
italian seasonings
okay... I used a jarred sauce (sue me!)

Cook the hamburger meat and let cool. Add cheese,egg and italian seasoning.
In food processor mix the flour and egg. Pulse until dough comes together. Then pulse a bunch more. It'll look like a bunch of crumbles. Poor onto counter and knead until shiny and smooth. It's magic. Let dough rest for 25-30 minutes under plastic wrap. I put half of it in a zippy bag for use another time. Roll out pasta using a rolling pin (This takes forever, but it is worth the effort!) OR use a handy dandy pasta machine. Form raviolis using about a tablespoon of mix in each one. I made big raviolis. Cook raviolis in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes in batches, unless you have a really big pot. Serve with your favorite spaghetti sauce. This makes about 20 large raviolis.

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