Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nap time is a good time

The girls and I had a pretty fun day. We didn't do much, but we did get lots of cuddles in. After their lunch time feeding we went on a pretty long walk. That wore them out and they slept pretty hard. Then Robby came by for a visit. (He left without me getting a picture!!!) Arg. He wasn't here for very long, it was a whirl wind visit. And I had to feed the girls while he was here. (He went and played on the computer so we could have privacy.) After Rob left, I tried putting the girls down for their afternoon "official" nap. I want to transition them to the nursery for naptime, so they get used to it for when we put them in there at night. Izzie went down without too much fuss, but Maddie wasn't having any of it! I had to rock her to sleep a couple of times before she went down. Now both girls are sleeping.

Mom and Chris are coming over to babysit tonight and John and I are going out to eat and to look at cameras for me. I want a new digital camera. I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities and now need to see them in person.

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