Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

It's the girls first Easter. John and I took the girls to church with the family this morning. That took a lot of planning because we were planning on coming over to his parents house for the rest of the day after church. Yesterday I had to make a list of everything I needed and pack up the diapy bag. Then last night we set the alarm clock for 3:30 am to feed them so we could feed at 6:30am. I didn't expect them to make it to 3:30, but didn't want them to go past it either. Well surprise surprise! The alarm went off and I had to WAKE the girls up at 3:30! They slept for 7 hours and were still going strong. Then John and I woke up at 6am to get ready ourselves. I just got dressed and then fed the girls. We made it in the car by 6:59. We were impressed since we had wanted to leave at 7am. I did have to put my make-up on in the car, but that was in the PLAN.

The girls slept during church. Which was nice since we were worried they might cry. After church we went to the country club for a yummy breakfast. We gave the girls a breastmilk bottle. Now we are all hanging out at Jackie and Tom's house. The girls are hopefully down for their nap. We are going to have Easter dinner in a couple of hours. The weather is pretty cool. I was trying to talk someone into going in the hot tub with me, but no takers so far. Julie and Chris should be over soon with Sammy. He went home for a nap. I think Dana and Cody are playing Nintendo, John is watching tv. and Jackie and Tom are talking to Grandma about medical bills. Just a normal day, hanging out.

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