Friday, March 7, 2008

Divide and conquer

I've noticed a pattern that John and I have developed. Mostly in the evenings. We tend to pick a girl and that is "our girl" for the evening. There isn't any rhyme or reason to who we get each night. We might get the same girl several nights in a row, sometimes it switches off each night. So when "my" baby fusses, I take care of her and vise versa. It really works out. It isn't set in stone. Like if either one of us needs to go take a shower or while I'm cooking dinner, then of course the other person watches both girls. The other pattern we've fallen into is "taking" turns. If both girls are sleeping or swinging and we hear one fuss we take turns going in and soothing them. My turn, your turn. We really do make an excellent team. I think it really helps our sanity to team up the way we do. I really couldn't have asked for a better dad for my girls. John is awesome. It's not like Mema's generation where the woman raised the kids and the dad played with them. John and I are pulling equal duty with these girls.

Along the divide and conquer theme, today while he was working from home, I needed to go to Sam's Club. He couldn't really watch both girls and work at the same time so I took Maddie to Sam's and Izzie stayed home with Daddy. This is the first time we've separated them like that! It really worked out great though. I had a fun time shopping with her. Everyone wants to know why I picked Maddie. Well, she was awake and Izzie was asleep when I was ready to go. In the future, who knows. I mean, we want to keep things fair between the girls, but we aren't the type to obsess about keeping everything exactly equal. As long as we love both girls with all of our heart, then the rest will just work out.

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Nicole Tucker said...

both you and John are such wonderful parents!
your daughters are so luck to have both of you!