Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Changing of the guard

For the past few days Izzie has done nothing but slept and Maddie has been wide awake. I was starting to get worried thinking Izzie was sleeping too much, but she slept great at night and seemed like she really needed the sleep. While on the other hand I was thinking Maddie must not be getting enough sleep. Well today was the changing of the guard. Izzie has been wide awake and happy this morning and Maddie wanted to go back to bed. I guess their little bodies do know what is best for them. I just go with the flow, and it seems to be working out pretty well. So Izzie and I had play time this morning. And she helped me while I was designing the new header for the top of the blog.

After lunch I'm taking the girls out to run some errands. It looks like it is going to rain, but the forecast says only a 10% chance. I sure hope that is true. I don't want to get caught in rain with the girls.

later... I ended up having a fun day! I spontaneously called mom to see if she wanted to go shopping with me. We ended up going to a Greek Cafe for lunch, called Zorba's. It was seriously the best Greek food I've ever had. Their pita's were homemade and fresh. I'm glad we decided to stop there! The only frustrating thing was, we got the stroller out, got the girls out, walked into the restaurant and the guy said that they didn't have room for the stroller. So, we had to get the girls out, I had to fold up the stroller. They had these carseat slings for us to put their car seats in. And then he seated us. There was plenty of room for a stroller, they just weren't creative thinkers. Oh well. Then we went to Avenue to pick out some new clothes for Mom. She bought me the most gorgeous skirt. It might as well had a sign above it that said: "Skirt designed for Amanda Dittlinger." It is SO me. I also made her buy some cute shoes for herself. Navigating the stroller around Avenue was pretty tough. By this time the girls were sound asleep. I still needed to run into Babies 'R Us for something, so I had mom wait in the car with the girls while I ran in. It was a busy afternoon. We made it home just for the girls next feeding. Whew!

The whole time all of this was going on, poor Ripley was at the vet. We had to sedate him to get his nails cut back. The quicks had grown out too long for the people at Petco to trim them. The nails were so long he was walking on them funny. We try and take him every 3-4 weeks but his nails grow so fast! So we got them cut way back. He's on pain meds right now and is sleeping it off. Poor pug dog! He gets some extra peanut butter tonight. That's his treat of choice.

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